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  • Confession: I worked at a small retail store in high school…we barely had black customers but whenever we did, my boss would tell me to follow them or constantly ask if they needed help. I wish I spoke up then, but I used to always go to the storage room or to my car until they left just to avoid my boss.

    White people did build america though. They built the trains and railroads, blew up mountains in the way, basically everything. The only thing blacks did was pick cotton. Back then the couldnt be trusted with other jobs. Seriously, learn more about history before you start making false accusations.

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    LOL white people sat on their ass whipping brown people as they built america. 










    Seriously, all you have to do is google railroad workers and everything but white people come up. Just because white people OWNED the railroads doesn’t mean they did shit. Slaves did a hell of a lot more than pick cotton, and there were other brown people here other than black people who also built america. White people literally sailed to another continent to avoid doing work.

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